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There is a way to add distance, swing speed and mental focus to your game without spending thousands of dollars every year on the latest equipment.

But here’s the problem!

You try to search for a golf fitness program and most of what is out there is either:

  • boring
  • repetitive
  • uninspiring
  • or looks like it is made for your grandfather

That is why we have developed the Signum Golf Fitness Program.

Warnings! This golf fitness program is NOT for everyone.

Our programs are for those that:

  • Want more out of their training than a few boring rotational exercises and some stretches.
  • Want to be pushed every day and see their results on the course
  • Don’t mind putting in the hard work! In fact you pride yourself on it.

10 years ago I began my search for the best golf fitness program to add some swing speed, distance and consistency. But most of all I wanted to gain a competitive advantage over my buddies.

I spent hundreds on personal trainers but I found that most didn’t understand the unique needs of golfers like us. 

Sure golf isn’t a contact sport, but I still want to get a great workout in.

So over the last 10 years I have studied and have now developed Signum Golf to help avid golfers like you!



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Satisfaction Guaranteed

This golf fitness program has helped me add distance and confidence to my game. I noticed the added strength in my core and legs and am making a more powerful transition through impact!

This program is perfect for golfers to develop the strength, flexibility and coordination required to play better golf. I trust Signum to improve my game – the exercises are easy to follow and effective for all abilities!

“Signums golf program is excellent!! Not only did I gain strength and distance but I have better balance which increased my ball striking across the board. Better balance (quiet lower body) has helped my short game too. Excited for 2020!!

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Years of Experience


Rob Headshot Founder Signum Golf

Rob Connors


My name is Rob and I live just outside of Baltimore. Together with my wife, we own Signum Training & Nutrition, specializing in online personal training & nutrition.

Like you, many of our clients have a love affair with the game and wanted a golf fitness and training program to benefit their game.

So I created create a golf fitness program for those living an active lifestyle and are serious about their golf game.

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