25 years ago, early in his rapping career, Kanye West recorded this song.

It’s not something most people will want to listen to often. 

The Kardashians weren’t even in the picture. 

Yeezys sounded more like a sneezing sound than a top selling shoe.

And the College Dropout was still in grammar school.

But not long after that, he became the one and only Kanye West. But first, he had dues to pay.

That’s the work of practice, hard work, and an unrelenting drive to be better each and every day.

You may not like his music (I love it!).

You may think he is off his rocker (maybe?)

But you have to respect the dedication.

You’re not born with genius. It’s a skill.

You’re not born with the ability to pure a 3-iron. It’s a skill.

You’re not born with fitness. It’s a skill

You’re going to have to rap more than one lyric before Jay Z calls you to collaborate. 

And you are going to have to hit the gym for more than 1 week before you start gaining confidence, distance, and some swag off the tee.

I’m here when you want to get started!

“Back before anybody wanted K. West beats, me and my girl split the bucket at KFC”

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