The most custom online golf fitness strength and conditioning program tailored to your unique abilities for adding strength, flexibility, and power to your game.

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Before I Tell You All About Our Online Golf Fitness Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

You’re someone with a competitive side that is a lot more serious about your game than the average hack out there. You an edge on the competition whether that is your regular four-some, your local men’s league, or maybe even some local tournaments. You have always had an active lifestyle and fitness has always been some part of your life.  For you, putting in hard work is nothing new to you. In fact, it’s even easier when you know your efforts are going towards a sport you LOVE!

So Whether You’re…

Someone just starting the game of golf who knows the importance of staying in great shape to maintain consistency on the course without sacrificing distance.
A mid to low handicap that doesn't have the time to play 3-4 times a week like you used to yet still wants to be able to improve their fitness for golf off the course.
Or a very competitive scratch player that has played your whole life but may have recently hit a plateau and wants to add speed, strength, core stability, and distance to their game.

You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how our Online Golf Fitness Program will give you the tools, guidance, and accountability to continue to add strength, power, speed, and consistency to your game!

As an Online Golf Fitness Client you will:

Know exactly how your flexibility and strength limitations are holding you back from playing better and more consistent golf.
Have the full support of an online coach that designs a custom program for you that takes into account your limitations, goals as well as equipment access.
Understand exactly how to perform every movement in this program so that your form is always on point and the risk of injury in the gym is greatly reduced.
Know exactly which stretches are going to help you create a better turn both back and through the ball so that you can continue to have a fluid and consistent swing.
Have the flexibility to do your workouts in a way that fits your schedule. Many of our clients have busy schedules so we tailor their workouts to their equipment access and location.
And with a little hard work, you will even get some of the aesthetic benefits that will make others notice!
"Signum's golf workouts are excellent!! Not only did I gain strength and distance but I have better balance which increased my ball striking across the board. Better balance (quiet lower body) has helped my short game too."
John M.
"This workout program is perfect for golfers to develop the strength, flexibility and coordination required to play better golf. I trust Signum to improve my game – the exercises are easy to follow and effective for all abilities!"
Ryan R.
"The Signum Golf workout program is excellent! The training program delivers real results and has improved my overall strength and mobility. It targets all the key muscle groups in the golf swing and motion."
Matt H.




Signum Online Golf Fitness Program Assessment
Step 1

The Assessment

Here’s why it pays to have a coach. Not everyone’s golf swing is the same and we all have flexibility and strength limitations that hold us back from making a more fluid and consistent swing.
We start with a 45-minute movement assessment (via Zoom) that will identify exactly which areas of your body are holding you back from make a stronger and more consistent swing!
It takes less than 45 minutes to perform. We assess everything from your lower and upper body.
This will help map out your custom online golf fitness program over the coming weeks!
Online Golf Fitness Acclimation Phase
Step 2

The Acclimation Phase

Now that you and your online golf personal trainer know where to focus it is time to get to work.
You will get 3 strength and conditioning workouts a week as well as two stretching routines that will build a base level. We will add to the intensity as you progress.
Our approach not only gets you more flexible but also stronger in your new range of motion.
The goal of this phase is to give you a baseline to build off as well as fix your imbalances.
Weekly accountability check-ins and overviews with your online trainer to let you know the objectives for the week and where to focus your attention.
24 hour response time to any questions you have about your workouts or movements we program.
Golf Fitness Weightlifting Mobile Versions
Step 3

The Strength Phase

Once we have built a solid foundation, you and your online golf fitness trainer are going to start honing in on adding strength.
We use a measured and disciplined approach to strength training. Having a solid strength base is a pre-requisite to building power and speed to any golf swing. And we do so in a safe and effective approach.
You and your online golf strength trainer will focus on the area that needs it most while at the same time maintaining your flexibility
Continued weekly accountability check-ins and overviews with your online trainer to brief you of the focus for your strength training regimen.
24 hour response time to any questions you have about your workouts or movements we program.


Online Golf Fitness Coaching
+ Initial 45 minute 27 part movement assessment
+Customized, strength and conditioning workouts delivered via our app.
+Custom flexibility & stretching routines delivered via our app.
+ Bi-weekly virtual check-ins with your trainer.
+ 24 hour response to any questions.
+Quarterly assessments and goal reviews
$225 per month

Burning questions many have asked us before starting with our online golf fitness program.

How does this work?

1. After we get you set up in our billing system, we will schedule your initial assessment via Zoom.
2. We will then build your custom workout program and deliver it via our App.
3. In the app, you will have access to your online personal trainer (24 hour response time).
4. Every week your trainer will send you a video brief for the week that explains the training week ahead.
5. All workouts come with full tutorial videos for all the exercises and stretches.

What equipment do I need?

Let me be the first to say you DON'T need a fully equipped gym. Most of our clients, get results with just a pair of dumbbells and some resistance bands. We bring over 20 years of experience and can help you get results no matter what!

Can't I just find all this for free?

Yes! Of course, you can. There are a bunch of resources out there on the internet and social media that you can find. But here is what you are up against. A lot of resources out there just give you a list of exercises that never change. So you can often get bored. Our custom phased approach makes sure you are progressing in a safe and effective way to get you the results you want. In addition to the customization, we give you added accountability so that you stay on track.

What happens if I miss a day or two?

If you miss a day or two, it’s no big deal. Just pick up right where you left off. Your progress won’t be derailed at all. But as your coaches we will be checking in to make sure everything is ok.

How long does each workout take?

We respect that you are busy and have other priorities like careers and family. Sure there will be a slight learning curve as you adjust but by the 2nd or 3rd week you should be able to do everything each day in 60 minutes or less. And some of the stretching routines take less than 20 minutes.

How do I know if this is NOT the right program for me?

We will be the first to state if you are recovering from surgery or an acute injury you need to speak with a physician before starting any Fitness Program. This program is made for those that already live an active lifestyle but just need some guidance. If you are coming straight from the couch and haven’t exercised in years, I will be the first to tell you that you need a personal trainer.

Still “thinking about it?”

You should give our Online Golf Fitness Program a shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:


You just want a golf strength and conditioning program that works….like…really badly.

Whether you’re just a little frustrated with the state of your game or want a competitive edge against your buddies and the competition. What often separates the winners from the losers is not just luck but actually hard work! 

More importantly, you could spend your time trying to piecemeal all this together but we do ALL OF IT FOR YOU in this program.

Our system makes it easy to stay on track with the help and guidance of an online trainer. We are able to adapt the workouts and training schedule to your busy lifestyle.

This phased approach has helped us strengthen and improve our golf games and now we want to share it with you! 

Rob Founder of Signum Golf

Investing in my own health and fitness has literally transformed my golf game and even life. 

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transform not only your golf game but your physique with the help of an individualized online golf fitness plan. 

More than anything else, I want to be able to help you today.

If you are crazy about the game of golf, and not only love playing it but constantly think about your game and ways to make it better, you owe it to yourself.

I look forward to you getting started!

Signum Golf FItness
We Build Strong Golfers
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