Online Golf Fitness Program

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About our Online Golf Fitness Program

Strength training and conditioning for the golf course is so much more than some light stretching and boring rotational exercises.

Maybe for the recreational play, that might be good enough, but for those serious about their game, you need more.

This online golf fitness program is simply more than “some stretching, rotational work and long boring cardio work.”

Our online golf fitness program is a custom tailored approach designed to work on the areas you need help the most all while maintaining variety and enjoying the journey along the way!

Now, it’s your turn.

Initial assessment to understand your areas of improvement.

Customized workouts to match your abilities, equipment and goals.

Regular virtual checkins from your trainer to keep you on track.

24 hour response time to answer any questions.

All delivered through our easy to use app.

Our 3 Step Process

Schedule a Free Call

Online Golf Fitness Step 2

Create a customized plan to match your goals.

Online Golf Fitness Step 3

Regular goal reviews and checkins to stay on track

Golf Workout Program 2
Golfer Lifting a barbell
Accessory Core Work

Strength & Conditioning Workouts

Strength and conditioning workouts to add clubhead speed and distance off the tee. 

Accessory & Core Work

Accessory and core work to add stability and balance to your swing. 

Stretching & Flexiblity Routines

Stretching routines to improve your flexiblity and mobility in areas that are weakest

Messaging & Accountability

Bi-weekly virtual checkins and 24 hour response time via our app to keep you on track.

Access to our easy to use App

All workouts and accounability checkins delivered through our easy to use online golf fitness app.

Online Golf Fitness Program Reviews

Signum’s golf workout program is excellent!! Not only did I gain strength and distance but I have better balance which increased my ball striking across the board. Better balance (quiet lower body) has helped my short game too. Excited for 2020!!

Golf Workout Program Testimonial John

John M.

This online golf fitness program has helped me add distance and confidence to my game. I noticed the added strength in my core and legs and am making a more powerful transition through impact!

Golf Workout Program 2

Josh M.