This past weekend I was on a getaway with my wife for our 5 year anniversary.

I was reading a book by Seth Godin called “The Dip.”

If you don’t know who Seth is he is what Warren Buffett is to marketing or what Jordan is to Basketball (Sorry Kobe and Lebron fans).

Type “Seth” in a Google Search bar and his name will be at the top of the suggestions menu. 

Well, he wrote a book about business (and life) called the Dip.

In our society, we applaud everyone that starts something.
“I am going to law school.”
“I am pre-med.”
“I signed up for an ironman.”
“I want to start a business.”
and the most common
“I joined the gym.”

If everyone finished what they started. If everyone who said they want to be a lawyer or a surgeon finished what they started then they wouldn’t cost so much!

But that’s not the case. 

In golf, it is easy to get a golf lesson or say you are going to change your swing. 

But it is even harder to see it through! 

The best golfers in the world have proven this. 

Take Tiger. He changed his swing after his dominant performance in the 1997 Master and it took 2+ years to get back to his winning ways.

2 YEARS! and that is the best ever (Sorry Jack fans). 

And then he did it again when he moved to Haney in 2004 and didn’t return to his dominant ways until 2006. 

Tiger Woods Wins by Year

The dip is when things get tough. 
The dip is when you realize the work it really takes.
The dip is when doubt creeps in.
The dip is when fear of failure enters your mind. 
The dip is what tests your faith in the process.
The dip is when visibility is the lowest.

I currently am going through a swing change myself having changed teachers this past fall to Lucas Wald.

How do you know you will make it through “the dip”?

Ask yourself, “Has anyone else done it?”

If no one could make a swing change then teaching pros wouldn’t have jobs. 

This holds ever true in fitness, let alone golf fitness. 

It’s the reason your gym is packed in January but empty 3 weeks later. 

Take a look around! The guys that are there in March made it through the dip.

Is it easier for them? Do they have a magic pill? Probably not. I just know they made it through. 

In fitness, everyone will be tested, everyone will go through the dip.

NOT everyone will make it to the other side. And that’s ok.

That’s what makes it hard. That is what makes it worth doing.

If there was no dip losing 15 lbs and adding 5 lbs of muscle to hit the ball 20 yards further would be the equivalent of crossing the street; nothing to write home about. 

I guess what I am telling you is I want you to have something to write home about.

I want you to go through a dip because I want to see you can make it.

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